Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Turning 28

At the beginning of the week, I wasn't feeling so good about having my birthday here in Canada, with none of my family and friends around. By the middle of the week, I had a meltdown that would rival Chernobyl. But somehow by Friday, I was feeling restored, and actually had a very satisfying birthday. Here's how it started, with Gord buying me a dozen red roses. Indeed, one of his presents to me (yes, I got multiple gifts!) is to buy me some flowers each month for a year. Very cool, given it's not his forte, except for the fact that the flowers here are all flown in! He'll be doing lots of wildflower-picking in the summer!

Actually, I got eleven roses and Piper got one...

Inspired by my new Nigella cookbook, I was keen to cook a little feast for my birthday. It happened to be Winter Fun Day at South Oaks, the school were Cassie, Rae, Makenna and Zach go, and Sharon took Mason, Piper and Ty to join in the fun. Gord took the arvo off work and came with me to Jeff and Sharon's, so we looked after Taelyn and Jasper while Sharon and the kids were gone. I pottered around in the kitchen all afternoon. Gord knitted while the babies slept. Very domestic! This is me chatting on the phone to my parents, holding my un-iced (sunken!) sponge birthday cake...

My soul-satisfying feast... organic roast chicken with crispy roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, maple-smothered parsnips, fresh salad and grated beetroot, and, of course, gravy.

Happy Birthday to me! And the good old Moonee Vale addition, a happy birthday to you, a happy birthday to you...!

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Michelle said...

Happy birthday Bec!!! I guess i sorta understand where you are coming form about having your bday in another country. its very strange but i enjoyed it and i'm glad you had a good time as well!! It is so strange to think that just over a year ago i was in oz. very strange. i miss it sooo stinkin much right now. especially sine the temp right now is -45!!! i guess one night it got down to -55 here!!! and my car won't start so i'm not too impressed. lol o well.
love you all and Happy belated bday again!!